Another Public Conflict of Interest

What might John Cursio have said when first approached by a Star reporter? “I did not have coffee with that lady.”

Well, when pressed with evidence, John finally relented and admitted to having coffee with his “friend” Robin Thoen. Problem is, John is married and the coffee events were at Robin’s home. Furthermore, John is a TTC project manager and Robin is doing work for the TTC. Even moreso, Robin’s resume for the job is supposedly pretty thin, and John approves the payments.

Now, if that is not a conflict of interest, then perhaps Adam G. is actually still a virgin!

I know. Harsh words from a conservative Grandpa, but I am quite sick of people (especially public officials) thinking they can help friends and get away with it.

I hope the TTC does the right thing here.

For more details on this story, visit the Toronto Star’s website.

Oops. I missed something. Let it also be known that one of Cursio’s grown children worked part-time for Thoen editing the photos.




  1. daughter says:

    hahaha for some reaon I kept thinking of David Caruso (similar last name I guess) now what would Haratio Caine say to all of this…..*sunglasses and the one eyebrow raise please*….”and he my friend, had something to hide”

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