Another slippery slope

Today’s poll in the Globe and Mail is, “Do you support the legalization of assisted suicide?”. You can see the results at this link.

The problem with highly controversial topics like this is that they often lead to further thoughts and actions. Ones that stretch the moral fabric of society even further.

This poll was inspired by the news article, “Quebec physicians tentatively propose legal euthanasia“.

As of 6:30 am today, the poll results were 70% yes and 30% no. Scary!


  1. Sam Gupta says:

    I’m pro legal euthanasia..especially if someone is in insurmountable pain. Of course it leaves the door open for all those crazies who want to kill their rich uncle for their inheritance – but in my opinion (and of course everyone and their grandfather is welcome to rebuke me – I won’t be offended) there really is no difference than someone who would sign a DNR.

    At some point we as human beings should have a right to end our life if we are no longer able to enjoy the same quality of life as the guy in the gurney beside us.

    [GR responds: And what is the definition of Quality of Life? What if I am well physically, by my wife and kids left me and I am despondent? Is that a good reason? Hence the slippery slope]

  2. Sam Gupta says:

    Your point is absolutely valid – which is why the requirement for healthcare and law professionals to step in to determine if there is any validity in the request.
    For example: A few months ago I was watching a show (Boston Legal) where the main character who herself was in her early 60’s went to court to get permission to euthanize her alzhiemer ridden father – who was incapable of taking basic care for himself and was infact a danger to himself and other around him. He had to be restrained so he didn’t hurt himself and couldn’t remember things as simple as his name. The end result was that the court granted permission that the “medication” be adjusted to fascilitate comfort (which really was code for euthanize). Do I feel that her argument to spare her father the suffering justified – absolutely! Had it been something as simple as tennis elbow – obviously she would have been in the wrong. If the people with the know how put together a strong, air tight rules and regulations to ensure that people randomly don’t go around killing themselves; then the system and society will adhere.