Another Tragic Loss

Three young women, recently graduated from high school, on the way home from cottage country after an awesome weekend. Suddenly, a single vehicle accident. Cause unknown at this time. One dead, two seriously injured.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon news. Summer brings out the weekend get away types, and great times are had. More people on the highway always leads to more accidents.

What is so tragic about this particular accident is that evidence suggests that two of the people were not wearing seatbelts, and one of those is the one that died after being ejected from the vehicle.

I got a ride with someone last week. He is probably close to my age. He stated that he sure would not wear his seatbelt if he did not have to. Crazy. Even a minor accident can have forces that easily throw your body around the inside of your car. A seatbelt may be inconvenient, but it saves you from worse injuries.

These 3 teens have spent their entire lives in a province that makes seatbelt use mandatory. Was it not a habit ingrained into them? Were they not shown the standard horrific videos in school? Why would anyone ride in a vehicle, especially on a highway, without wearing their seatbelt?

As a father and grandfather I feel so sad for the families involved. This is a case where the injuries could have been mitigated by a simple click.

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