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Pirate Bay.

If you are in the know about internet matters and downloading music and video, then you know about Pirate Bay. The owner’s of this notorious website were recently found guilty of breaking some laws regarding their site helping people download pirated materials.

I posted a comment on the Globe and Mail’s article about Pirate Bay, and you probably know what side of that coin I am on!!! Turns out that my comment was the last one they accepted before closing comments. So the pirates will be fuming over my comments, and they will not be able to give a comment back tearing me down.

See comments here.

We may not agree on this topic, but consider this bit of logic.

Someone estimated that Pirate Bay could be making as much as millions off the ads on their site. Most people will back the idea of the Pirate Bay guys getting rich and complain about studio guys getting rich. Hypocrisy. If anyone in the world gets rich selling a non necessity of life, then all the power to them. Whether we agree with their product and its value or not. If we don’t like it, we have the power to gain financial backers and start our own company. And we always have the power to boycott the product.

Necessities, on the other hand, lead to a different line of reasoning. For example, plant seeds. Oh, but that is a whole other HUGE topic that I do not want to start on right now.

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