Assisted suicide on a bike

As a cyclist, I am expected to share the road with cars, rather than sharing the sidewalk with pedestrians.

Early last month a Toronto area pedestrian died after a cyclist collided with her, on a sidewalk. See my post about that incident.

Yesterday, a cyclist died after being struck, and run over, by a car. See
this page on the Globe and Mail’s site for details. In this particular case, there seems to have been some elements of road rage in action.

I do not own a car, and sometimes use a bicycle to travel to stores. On Sunday I biked about 2 km to a nearby Blockbuster to return a rental. The ride to the store was without incident. The ride home, however, was somewhat dangerous due to road conditions. It is often the case that the roadway nearest to the curb is in worse condition than the rest of the road. This can lead to one of two dangerous situations.

1. a cyclist has to swerve around damaged areas of the road

2. a cyclist has to ride close to the curb and almost get tossed about by the damaged roadway

Either way, we become dangerous to ourselves by riding on the road. The alternative is to use the sidewalk, thereby possibly endangering pedestrians.

Which should it be?

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