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Article in today’s Globe and Mail led to an active dialogue amongst readers. I loved this comment.

Parents, take this as an opportunity to nurture your own children – share the joy – live in a smaller house – have only one or no car – cancel cable TV, broadband – do whatever you need to do, but do yourself a favour and care for your own kids. You will never regret it – it will be the best thing you ever did in your life.

Another commenter said, “This morning on Global news Calgary, they had a woman b*&tching because the YMCA was closing several before and after schools programs because of cuts in gov’t funding. They showed her driving her precious to school in a freakin’ LEXUS!… not a great way to garner a ton of sympathy, IMO.”

I myself wonder why the supply and demand has not caused more women to open home daycares. I realize that they do not usually qualify for subsidized spots, but surely the Lexus driver does not get subsidized.

For those worried about the quality of home daycares, we have an organization here in Hamilton called Wee Watch that helps home daycares get customers, handle billing, and ensure safety matters in the home. Perhaps your community has a similar organization.

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