Back to School – 2013 Edition

I feel for all the mothers out there, as they watch their college and university age children take off for campus.

Nah … On second thought, I don’t.

We all gotta grow up and moms everywhere have to get those apron strings off us and release us in the wild. You moms have done an awesome job, and now it is time for nature to take over. My first year of University saw me at school in early September, and not home again until Christmas. Then January until end of April. How did my mom survive it? I will never know.

My mom was typical.

She taught me to pee and poo the correct way. She taught me to add and subtract. She taught me my P’s and Q’s, and she taught me a whole lot of other very useful things. I thank her for that. I think she did a fantastic job and, ignoring my sometimes weird personality, I turned out fine. I didn’t even break any bones, or drown, or anything else really bad like that.

But when the time came, she had to let me go.

I very clearly remember my first serious out-of-home experience. We all wonder about those. Others had gone before us and we listened as they shared about the bright lights … wait; I am getting my stories mixed up.

LandscapeIt was my first multi-week scout camp. Two weeks away from mom. It was glorious. Ya, sure, I was happy to be going home. That is, until the incident.

Tom’s dad was picking several of us up at camp and dropping us off at our homes. It was a beautiful weekend day as we drove up to my family’s homestead, and mom and dad were both in the front yard doing garden work. As we drove up and stopped at the curb (well, edge of the ditch out front) I saw my mom’s look of, “Who is that?”, as she did not recognize the car. Next thing I know, she realizes it is me getting out and starts running, exclaiming, “Oh. my baby is home!”

I jumped back in and yelled at Tom’s dad to get me out of there.

Mothers !!!

Grandpa Richard