Balconies and Birds

The owners of the apartment building that I live in are replacing all the balcony railings. The old ones were a solid metal style. The new ones have a metal frame and some form of glass or plastic inserts and are clear to see through.

Sometimes when a pigeon lands on my balcony I chase it away by waving a newspaper past the window. They leave their little messes and it is unpleasant if a guest wants some fresh air.

Well, today when I did that, the pigeon (not used to the clear side yet) flew right into the glass. Then I waved the paper again, and again he flew into the glass. I guess by then he was developing a headache, or was just plain confused, as he sat still for a few seconds pondering his next move. He then walked around the edge of part of the railing and flew away.

I’m mean, aren’t I?