I was reading a new post over at Where Are My Super Mom Boots (if you are asking the question “why does Grandpa Richard read that site?”, it is my eldest daughter’s!) and I noted with interest item # 4. Bullying.

Unfortunately, I did not really notice the issue much, in my own childhood, or in my children’s. Ya, there were classroom bullies back in my day, but for the most part they would leave you alone a majority of the time if you pretended they were some kind of superior beings. I had several incidents, but no scars, emotionally or physically.

However, it is (and always has been) a serious issue in some lives. Now we read of children committing suicide because of bullying. Ouch! Schools say they have strong policies, but those policies do not always seem to make a difference.

I am not here to enter into a monologue about bullying. I am acknowledging it, and hoping the experts are moving society forward in a positive way to discourage bullies and bullying.

If you hurry (it is March 31 as I type) you can get a free Kindle book about bullying. It is normally $7.95. Click on the image to the left. If you do not have a kindle, you can download a reader for your computer from Amazon. I recently set this up and downloaded more than a few free ebooks from Amazon’s store.

Check it out.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Although I have scars emotionally from bullies (and in one case a bullies mother who I now realize was a bully herself) I never would have committed suicide over it. Now there is a movie out (yesterday I believe). a documentary style trying to raise even more awareness about the hurtfulness of bullying. It is a huge issue in schools. That and the fact that education these days only meets the needs of a few students instead of the many.