But We Would Still Like You To Make A Donation

A student attending a prestigious private high school was expelled on the final day of school. He had been caught smoking an illegal substance. Until that day he had been a model student. His parents say they spent over $200,000 to send their son to the school for 6 years. They also made additional donations each year.

Two years later the matter is still before the courts.

The cool part is that despite having expelled their son, and not letting him graduate, the college still sent the family the yearly, “Please consider an additional donation …” letter.

Wow! I would be so ticked off by that letter after all that happened.

Court asks Appleby College to reconsider denial of diploma to student
The 101-year-old private college, whose motto is “reflecting the past, shaping the future,” expelled Setia for allegedly lighting up a bong with marijuana and then smoking it in a pal’s dormitory room as they celebrated the end of high school. Since it …

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