Bye Bye Adam

Adam Giambrone has thrown in the towel. In a very short news conference today just before noon, he said he was sorry. He did not utter the words, “It is finished”. His campaign guru got up after Adam left the room and told the press that Adam’s mayoral campaign was over.

Adam will have to wait for another day.

I just loved some of the comments that Margaret Wente (over at the Globe and Mail) typed up.

For examples …

Toronto city politics are hardly scintillating at the best of times. So we owe a vote of thanks to Adam Giambrone, the brash young mayoral candidate who turned out to be too hot for politics.

or …

Did he learn nothing from Tiger Woods? The moral of that story ought to be engraved on the cellphones of cheaters everywhere: Whatever else you do, don’t have text with that woman!

and finally …

My guess is that such men don’t think about these things at all. They are such extreme narcissists (a helpful trait in politics) that no one is ever quite as real to them as they are to themselves.

Check out Margaret’s entire column here, and then come back and comment on this blog post.

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