Can a Dog and a Cat Mate?

Those of you who use Google have probably noticed that when you start typing a search, Google thinks ahead and suggests what you might want to search for. Google’s suggestions are based partly on your past searches, and partly on popular searches that everyone else makes. Have you ever stopped to notice what those popular searches are? I have.

Seeing what other people search for can be quite entertaining. It can also be eye opening, and something you can learn from. I usually go with entertaining.

Let’s look at an example.

google_can a dog

First item that pops up is “can a dog and a cat breed”. I suppose that is a legitimate question for someone who slept through biology class. The scary thing is that when you examine the top 10 “can a dog a…” items (Google usually only shows human searchers the top 4, but a computer program can easily see 10) it seems lots of people ask if a dog and a human can mate. Yuck!

Moving on, what are some other very popular “can a dog” questions?

  • Can a dog be allergic to a cat
  • Can a dog die from eating weed
  • Can a dog eat quinoa (health conscious owners here)
    (actually, there are lots of questions about what a dog can eat or drink, which makes me feel good that people care about their pets)
  • Can a dog have/take (various human medications, including xanax, tums, tramadol, aleve, etc)
  • Can a dog kill (various other animals and snakes, etc)
  • Can a dog laugh
  • Can a dog live (without various body parts, including tongue, teeth, and spleen!)
  • Can a dog meow (in other words, speak cat)
  • A whole bunch of kind animal lovers want to know if a dog can nurse abandoned kittens
  • Can a dog pass a (various items, including socks)
  • Can a dog run for president (LOL in 2016)
  • Can a dog use a litter box (wouldn’t that be great)

Keep in mind, the above (partial) list is not just what a few people search for. It probably takes 10s of thousands of people (or more) doing the search for it to get on the top 10 list.

The list for “can a cat …” is almost identical, including the run for president. Several unique ones I saw for cats are …

  • Can a cat’s voice box be removed (now I am surprised people did not ask that more for dogs, with their incessant barking)
  • Can a cat be trained (LOL – good luck on that)

Do you have any burning “can a dog …” (or cat) questions? Leave a comment for Grandpa Richard.

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