Can Society Force A Man To Touch A Woman?

Canada has become a very diverse society, with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. In some cases, the beliefs of those people clash. What does society do when that clash involves two competing rights?

A very good example of this involves a barber and a woman.

The woman wants a hairstyle that most of us would consider a male style. It is her right to cut her hair in the way she wants to. It is her right to be offered services without discriminating based on her gender.

The barber’s faith has taught him all his life that it is forbidden for him to touch a non-related female. It is a well established belief in many cultures and I totally understand the rule.

Rather than just accept his belief, and walk a bit further down the street to a different barber, the woman decided to file a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Now we have lawyers and a scheduled attempt at mediation. The case is considered one of “competing rights”, as both parties involved have a right, but when both exercise their rights there is a conflict.

Grandpa Richard suggests that the lady involved just accept the barber’s well known belief and walk around the corner to another barber. Last place I lived had 3 of them almost next door to each other. Her claim that she felt like a second class citizen is a bunch of you know what.

(see more details at the Star)

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I agree it is a load! This is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.