Canadian Election 2011

The election that the Liberals and Bloc should not have forced has made the Conservatives and NDP very happy. I must admit that I accurately predicted what would happen to the Liberals, but I did not see the NDP’s surge coming. Way to go Jack.

So far I have only seen one major problem. Jack Layton has at least a bit of a problem with some of his new MPs from Quebec. They were not elected because of who they are. They were elected because of Jack.

At least one of them did no campaigning. None! No signs, no ads, no rallies, no hand shaking, nothing. In fact, Ruth Ellen Brosseau even went on vacation during the campaign. The locals in Berthier-Maskinongé elected her because they wanted Jack Layton and the NDP to win. They wanted change.

Now what they really want is to meet their new MP. Some are starting to think she is a ghost.

Read more details at The Star.

Jack Layton 4
Creative Commons License photo credit: daryl_mitchell