Canadians love the planet, and their wheels

Angus Reid Strategies recently completed a survey to see how much we Canadians are willing to do about the environment. We definitely talk the talk, but we don’t seem to be willing to walk the walk.

Most of us (77%) believe that global warming is a serious problem, yet over half (67%) admit that they have done nothing to change their bad commuting habits. 2006 saw record sales of SUVs and trucks, despite the availability of a large variety of small fuel efficient vehicles, not to mention high gas prices.

Less than 40% will compost food products, even when the facilities are conveniently available. It is just too easy to throw all the trash into one bag.

We do have some bright spots. Literally. The sale of those small fluorescent light bulbs is doing very well. The down side to them is that there is a small bit of mercury in each one.

How green are you?

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