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Driving is a Full Time Job

Driving is a full time job. At least it is when you are driving. Grandpa Richard is not a distracted driving type of guy. I tend to leave the stereo tuned in to a single station. I never text while driving. I don’t even answer calls when driving. If I was expecting a call, I […]

Even Friends Need to Document Agreements

In theory, a handshake does the trick. In practice, a piece of paper is better. For a short time about 20 years ago, my wife and I owned 2 houses. One was rented out. One of my best friends and his family rented it from us. A couple of days after we agreed to the […]

Defeat Online Fraud

Grandpa Richard uses the Internet a lot, and he buys things online. Recently I purchased a new lens for my T3i, using eBay to pick up a nice used one. That meant I had to send almost $400 via PayPal and my credit card. That makes me interested in this post’s topic – “Defeat Online […]

the only one who likes change is a wet baby

That is an interesting title. Saw it in an article I was reading this morning. By the way, this post has nothing to do with babies, even though I am a Grandpa, and even though the title says something about a baby. This post does, however, have something to do with change, because people, in […]

The 23 1/2 Hour Video

It is actually only 9 minutes long, not 23 1/2. However, it does ask a question about 23 1/2 hours of your day. I love walking. My favourite is to walk in some woods. Preferably on a path created without man-made stuff, like asphalt. There are some awesome trails in east Scarborough and Pickering (parts […]

Life in 46 seconds

I was not a big fan of Steve Jobs and Apple. That said, these are some interesting comments in the video at the bottom of this post that give cause for examination. Images provided by:

If Only I Could Win The Lottery

Lotteries in Canada are probably the highest tax rate there is. The purchasers, on average, win less than 1/2 the money that they spend. More than 1/2 goes to expenses and government coffers. But almost everyone dreams of winning the big one, even Grandpa Richard. So, what is it like to win millions of dollars? […]