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I love commercials like this one

Ya, you’re right. I am an old softy. Hand me the kleenex box. You have to watch the commercial closely, or watch several times, as the details go by quickly. The two parts you have to watch for are both near the end, although you need the whole story as well. Watch what shapes appear […]

Super Bowl Ads

I am very disappointed in this year’s Super Bowl Ads. I watched them all and only a small number are good enough to mention here. Some were down right terrible. The Grandpa Richard Winner is … The Acura ad with Seinfeld (gotta see the ending) 3 Runner ups are (1) the one with Betty White […]

Is This Ad Too Steamy?

According to an article in The Toronto Star this morning, this ad may be too steamy for TV. Car ads have long juxtaposed beautiful women with beautiful vehicles. Fiat’s latest spot for its Fiat 500 Abarth is just the latest example, relying on the old adage that “sex sells.” The steamy ad, dubbed “Seduction”, has […]

Cool Ad

I started finding this commercial a bit boring after the first 20 seconds, but I am so glad I persevered. Watch it at least until the fun starts. You will know what I mean!


Okay. Keep in mind that Grandpa Richard Speaks is not really meant for the kids. I often talk about grown up issues. However, you may decide that this is a bit on the fun side and let the kids watch. It’s up to you. Visit this site to find out about fangs you can buy […]

Cute Car Commercial

After watching it the first time I wnet back to see the beginning again. They could have hid things a bit better, showing less of the gal, and then the ending would have caught me even better. gr

The Grey Power Lady

Three of us were talking about insurance today at work, and the topic of the “Grey Power Road Rage Lady” came up. As I skimmed the news online tonight, wouldn’t you know it! A Toronto Star article about how the ad has finally been cancelled, much to the delight of probably 10s of thousands of […]