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Baby It’s Cold Outside

It is COLD here today, again. I walked over to the downtown mall yesterday and I cannot remember the last time that my ears felt frozen. I have not needed ear muffs in many years here in balmy southern Ontario. To celebrate, I present this challenge. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a Christmas song with […]

Can Santa Bring This?

What happens when a 2nd grader asks for something other than the usual toy? Something that is almost impossible. Watch this feel good story.  

A sucker for happy stories

Here I am, a 60 year old grandpa, and I am a sucker for happy stories. Ya, I watch romantic comedies and I laugh, and have a great time. Thanks to my daughter Stephanie for sharing this video. It is not the first of the style that I have seen, but it is one of […]

So Close!

Do you play lotteries? I rarely play them on my own, but I do join groups at work. In fact, I was elected to be group captain of a group of lotteries players. We pay $10 per person per month and play 3 a week. 6/49 on Wed and Sat, and Lotto Max on Fri. […]

Do Heights Bother You?

Grandpa Richard is scared of heights. Acrophobia. I can take plane rides, but it bothers me every time. I cannot believe that I was able to help build the roof of my house. I do remember being able to use a ladder to get on the roof, but not being able to climb down the […]

I Survived My First Root Canal

The stories I had heard about root canals made me shudder. Then that fateful day came. The only way to save my molar was to have a root canal done. (on the bright side, I am almost 60 and just getting my first; I have met a number of people who had theirs when still […]

I Hate Being Sick

I caught a stomach bug. Spent hours awake last night trying to stop from upchucking my supper. I eventually failed. First time that has happened in possibly 15 years! Yuck. Now, it’s 5 pm and I do not feel like eating, and have very little energy. Had a banana and 2 cups of peppermint tea […]