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Most Prolific Movie Extra

Ever heard of Jesse Heiman? Well you should have. In fact, according to myth, he appears in every movie and tv-show ever created. Okay. So the myth is false. Still, Jesse has a credit list that any actor would envy. He has been in more than 140 television shows and films including Entourage, Glee, Curb […]

Chocolate Pie

I took my GF to see the movie “The Help” on the weekend. We both really enjoyed the movie, and I am sure I laughed quite a bit. It did, however, remind me of all the discrimination that still occurs in our world. We are all human, no matter our skin colour or ethnic background. […]


I finally watched the movie Unknown, starring Liam Neeson. I enjoyed watching him in Taken, and felt so bad when his wife died after what seemed like a minor skiing accident. Unknown uses a plot that has a twist that I did not see coming. I usually enjoy movies that catch me off guard like […]

Iron Baby

My son and I watched Iron Man 2 recently. I think the original was better, but # 2 was okay. Scarlett Johansson? Big deal! Gwyneth Paltrow is more my type. Anyhow, no need to spend time on my fantasies. Here is a well done parody called Iron Baby. Enjoy. gr

The Sky is Falling

Have you seen the movie “2012”? I would have rather waited and seen it on TV or via a rental. Not worth the big bucks at the theatre. Personal opinion. Does it surprise me that someone is hawking a product based on the background story? No. If you are curious, check it out. Is 2012 […]

I See You

If you recognized the movie based on that quote in the post title, good for you. Avatar. I finally got to see it. AND, in 3D. A friend and I had planned on seeing the iMax version, but that was pre-sold for the entire evening. Boo! So we saw the 3D version. Since it was […]


I have not watched this movie in at least several years. What I noticed tonight that I had not before is that M. Night Shyamalan (the Director) played a bit part as a drug dealer.