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Forks vs. Spoons

Have I ever told you that I dislike forks? Harder to clean than spoons. But there is more insidious reason. I hate making decisions. And forks remind me of decisions. As in, forks in the road. Which one to take? I went for a walk today. Needed some cinnamon, and there are 2 Bulk Barns […]

Preconceived Notions

I am going through an interesting experience in my life these days. I am facing off against some preconceived notions that I have. Preconceived thoughts about people and about relationships. I find it quite interesting because I seem to be able to look at myself from outside myself and actually chuckle a bit at my […]

Back to School – Sadness or Joy?

I have read various posts by mothers about the sadness they feel after having their children home all summer. Here is my comment to all those mothers. I loved my 3 children and loved having them around all summer. But back to school meant they were growing up. Maturing. Getting closer to independence. Now that […]

More Food Industry Trickery

Was doing one of my favourite activities last night – grocery shopping! I really love doing that. Saw that my all time favourite granola was on sale. I seldom buy it as even on sale it is expensive. Just about as happy buying no-name brands, or even making my own. But, the price was really […]

Does the Principle of the Matter Always Matter?

How often have you uttered that phrase, “It’s the principle of the matter”? It is often used when you want to continue battling an opposing view, even though there are no real consequences either way, or the consequences are inconsequential? (wow – those last 3 words look good together. LOL) Let’s examine a real life […]


I live in southern Ontario, in Canada. We have LOTS of trees. Maple, birch, popular, and so on and so on. Then we have the evergreens as well. Pine, spruce, etc. My son makes up a shopping list for me one day. He says I need some spices to make my cooking more tasteful. Ya, […]


Had to mail a small package out so I walked down to the Shoppers nearby. As I was walking to the post office section (always at the back so they can attempt to entice you to buy other stuff) my peripheral vision saw a good deal on a high end juice product. At least the […]