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Buying a Car

I was never a big fan of car ownership. Did not even get my driver’s license until I was 19. Owned my first vehicle at 25. One unfortunate fact of modern life when you do not buy in (pun happily intended) to car ownership, is that insurance companies penalize you for the non-continuous service. Hence, […]

Dead Squirrel in the Middle of the Road

There is a dead squirrel in the middle of the road. When I looked up appropriate quotes, I found this one. Be Decisive. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision. This post is not about decision making. I am excluding myself from that discussion because I am terrible […]

Deal With It !!!

How you deal with stuff can say a lot about you. Every day, each of us wrestles with difficult situations that are beyond our control. Quick example. How do you deal with bad drivers during the commute? Perhaps Google can help you with that. Everyday, thousands of people ask Google how to deal with stuff. […]

Can a Dog and a Cat Mate?

Those of you who use Google have probably noticed that when you start typing a search, Google thinks ahead and suggests what you might want to search for. Google’s suggestions are based partly on your past searches, and partly on popular searches that everyone else makes. Have you ever stopped to notice what those popular […]

What is a True Hiker?

I have become a big fan of hiking in the last several years. There are probably two main reasons. Number one is a desire to get more regular exercise. Number two is the proximity of over 100 waterfalls here in the Hamilton Ontario area. What does it mean to be a true hiker? A true […]

Payday Loans – A Growth Industry

Amazing, and sad, how the payday loan industry has grown. Its main clients come from the lower income demographics. Correct matching is 1-B 2-C 3-A 4-D. Considering that Payday Loans are only allowed in 36 of the 50 States, and using a simple ratio, the number of Payday Loan Outlets could be 27,000 if they […]

Calendar Myths

I am pretty sick of the calendar urban myth that keeps getting passed around on Facebook. The one that says, “This only happens once every 823 years.” Hogwash. Think about it. A calendar year only has 7 possible starting days. January 1 can be a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. That’s it. […]