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Cursive Writing

Seems our education system is trying hard to do a good job regarding the teaching of the birds and the bees, and all the many offshoots of that stuff. However, we are going to start having lots of trouble with the younger generation knowing how to sign a marriage certificate or passport, as many schools […]

Dash Cams

There have already been articles in the newspapers about how a dash cam has helped an innocent person prove their innocence against another driver. One case in particular is burned into my memory. Perp backed up on purpose on 401 when traffic was at a standstill. Then they got out of vehicle grimacing in pain […]

Crooked Innovation

I have posted before about how creative crooks can be. Here is another story of this fact. A lady from Panama arrived on a flight to Spain with obvious health issues. Her story to authorities was that she had just undergone surgery to put in breast implants. Authorities grew suspicious, and ordered verification. The implants […]

Thomas The Train and Korea

Two items that I noticed today while visiting with my daughter. # 1 – We were shopping at Walmart in the toy department and came upon a section of Thomas the Train toys. Have you ever watched the Thomas the Train TV series? Pretty boring was our agreed upon thoughts. Sure, we are not kids, […]

Government Logic and Red Tape

How is this for a formula. Take one immigrant Have them work in Canada full time (paying taxes and CPP) for 32 years Have them apply for and receive their Canadian Citizenship Have them apply for Old Age Security (max of just over $500 per month) Have the application denied And why was the application […]

Helicopter Parents? Worse!

You’ve heard that term, I assume. Helicopter Parents. Parents who hover over their children and become too involved in their lives. For the purpose of this post, we are speaking mainly of parents of younger children, and part of the whole helicoptering thing is making sure little Johnny and Mary do not scrape their knees […]

Another Tragic Loss

Three young women, recently graduated from high school, on the way home from cottage country after an awesome weekend. Suddenly, a single vehicle accident. Cause unknown at this time. One dead, two seriously injured. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon news. Summer brings out the weekend get away types, and great times are had. More people […]