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Read First

Not sure what grade I was in, but it was grade school, so perhaps grade 5 or 6. The teacher announced a special surprise test. Put all your books away. Just keep out several pencils. She then passed out the tests, but we were to keep them face down until everyone had theirs, as this […]


As many of my readers would know, I am a practicing Christian. Part of being a Christian is to believe in prayer. I believe in prayer, but I’m not always very good at practicing what I believe. Lately I have felt more impressed that prayer needs to be an important part of my daily walk […]

Merry Christmas

Do the Young Rip Off the Old

I am chalking this up to coincidence, but I have been shortchanged twice in the last 2 weeks. At least, twice that I know of. (in both cases I was compensated) Case # 1 I purchased a pass for a service. I requested a $50 pass and then offered to pay by debit card. The […]

Was Avatar Original?

James Cameron’s Avatar was awesome. I can remember watching those little 3D flower like things floating down just after the 2 main animated characters met. I was very impressed. But was the story original? Seems that Mr. Cameron’s lawyers have been busy ever since the movie came out. Many writers claim they had the story […]

Does Canada Have Middle Class Welfare?

I came across an interesting article on an Australian newspaper’s website. (How I got there is a bit of a convoluted story) The article’s suggestion is that the middle class in Australia gets, in some cases, more “welfare” than the poor. You can read the details here. Efforts to remove some of the freebies have […]

Charlie Sheen Returns

This commercial is just way too funny in light of what has happened to Charlie Sheen over the past year. I love it!!! (will I watch the new show? maybe)