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What I Learned From An Apple

In my life, what have I learned from apples? First, some background. I have been cleaning up again. If you ask my daughter Stephanie about it, she will probably sigh and wonder if I am ever NOT cleaning up stuff. I guess I am a bit like Murphy Brown. (TV show for those who do […]

Dolly Parton and her Backache

Before reading the following you may want to read my comments from the posting that I made. Here is a quote from Country singer Dolly Parton. If you are unfamiliar with Dolly, let me tell you that one of her physical attributes is a pair of quite large breasts. As far as I know, […]

Why do they do it – Part 1

I’m starting a new series of posts that asks the question, “Why do they do it?” Is modern life better? Are people crazy? What follows is my first topic. (don’t forget – I’m a grandpa and not very politically correct, etc.) Why do so many women get boob jobs? Are they that full of low […]