CEO Compensation To Start 2011

Grandpa Richard has written about this before. Should a CEO of a company have a salary that is over 100 times as much as the average worker in their company? (my answer is NO!)

The Toronto Star has come back to this question again, looking at the top 50 CEOs in Canada. They contacted the 50 CEOs and asked “them to explain why they believe they’re worth compensation packages that in 2009 ran as high as $24 million.”

49 of the CEOs did not answer the question. Visit the article to read why.

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Grandpa Richard

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  1. Dominic says:

    CEOs, bless their hearts, are worth every penny of their compensation. After all, these are the captains of industry that create wealth for the rest of us. The are easily worth 100 X the average peon. I wish I was a CEO, or at least a semi-skilled tradesman.