Copyright Law

Here in Canada our copyright laws seem to be weak, with light penalties. It seems to me that one reason for this is that the average person does not perceive it as a crime. What’s wrong with having a copy of a DVD? A recent case saw a group of people charged over the making of 10’s of thousands of well known movies. The public is probably not happy with this, as it turned off their easy access to very inexpensive movies. One shopper commented, “They are the same price as rentals, but I get to keep the DVD.”

The debate over the copying of commercial products continues.

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  1. Alan says:


    Haha. I don’t know about you folks, but that tickled me a bit. This got me thinking of this crappy DVD ripper….

    [Ah, now this comment comes with a link to a site selling software to help you break copywrite. Should I let it stand? G.R.]