Couriers Suck

I just found out that an item I ordered is being shipped by courier. That sucks!


Couriers tend to only deliver 9-5, or in some cases 9-6.

No one is home during the day at my place.

Couriers cannot guarantee to a residential address when they will deliver, so I cannot take an hour off work to wait for them (I work close enough to do so, but cannot afford to take a day off to wait). If they could guarantee after 5 deliveries, then fine, I am home by then.

I do not own a vehicle. To pick the item up from the courier’s closest depot requires 2 bus rides. (not to mention the $4.50 in token costs)

Our apartment’s buzzer system sucks, and many couriers will not even try to figure it out. Since the company I ordered from did not tell me about the courier (the item is small enough to go by mail) I never thought to give them the buzzer code ahead of time.

On the other hand, if shipped by post office, the closest post office is less than 5 minutes walking, and is open until 8 pm.

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