Crooked Innovation

I have posted before about how creative crooks can be. Here is another story of this fact.

A lady from Panama arrived on a flight to Spain with obvious health issues. Her story to authorities was that she had just undergone surgery to put in breast implants. Authorities grew suspicious, and ordered verification. The implants turned out to be loaded with cocaine rather than the normal silicone.

You have to admit that this is a creative crook who masterminded this. And it begs the question, “How many other people have undergone surgery to carry drugs across a border?”

Cocaine boob job smuggler busted in Barcelona airport | The Sun …
A WOMAN drugs mule was busted trying to smuggle cocaine into Spain in her BREASTS. The 20-year-old underwent a boob-job like operation but instead of silicone implants she had the Class A powder inserted under her …

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  1. I must be in the wrong business because if people are willing to go to such extremes to do this, obviously there is way too much money involved. The funny thing about this is that this lady probably would have made it past the guards if she was not feeling ill.

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