Cycling on sidewalks

A Toronto area resident has died as the result of a pedestrian/cyclist collision. The dead woman was the pedestrian.

I sometimes ride on a sidewalk if I consider the adjoining street too dangerous. However, I ALWAYS give the pedestrians the right of way. If I am a pedestrian I NEVER give a cyclist the right of way. I may stop and move to the side of the sidewalk, but in my mind the pedestrian owns the sidewalk and the cyclist must take whatever means necessary to safely go around me, and not expect me to give up the sidewalk to them.

What is really annoying to me are the cyclists who come up from behind you at a high speed and do not warn you they are about to pass.

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  1. Littlemommy says:

    I agree whole heartedly! I too have ridden on the sidewalk when I felt it was unsafe for me to ride on the road (which unfortunately is way too often), but the pedestrian has always had the right of way in my books. Too bad we don’t have better bike paths here in this city! That is definitely one thing we lack!

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  3. Benton Delmonte says:

    What you do is great – but more frequent updates, please?