Dating Deal Breakers

I am trying to get back into dating mode, as it has been a few years without a partner, and I crave the communication and sharing especially. As such, I have been reading a lot about the topic. My first wife made it too easy for me, and now I am unsure how to go about this.

An interesting survey in the Globe and Mail asked participants about what sort of things would cause you to break off dating with another person.

One of the questions was “Which of the following is the biggest dating deal breaker for you?” and the top pick was “Bad Hygiene”, and that made sense to me. It was also my choice. The second choice, though, was a surprise. “Uneducated” beat out “Lack of financial stability”.

In 4th place was “Has Kids”, which I must admit is one that I struggle with. Let’s face it, I am a grandfather of a 6 year old. Sometimes I am not sure if I could be in a relationship with a mother who has an under 10. At other times I remember that I love kids, and if I came to love the mother, I could easily accept the children. I suppose it depends on the details. The facts of life are that there are 50 year old women (definitely in my target group) who have a 10 year old, and lots of them have 15 year olds. Those mothers are less than 10 years younger than I, but that group definitely was part of the new trend to delay kids until after a late marriage and a solid career start.

What do you think? See the full survey at this link.

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