Deal With It !!!

How you deal with stuff can say a lot about you. Every day, each of us wrestles with difficult situations that are beyond our control. Quick example. How do you deal with bad drivers during the commute?

Perhaps Google can help you with that. Everyday, thousands of people ask Google how to deal with stuff. I decided to go see what some common ones were.

(note: the following is based on personal research and represents some of the most common searches for this topic)

  • How to deal with an angry customer? Personally, I do not believe in the old “the customer is always right”. Customers can be real PITAs.
  • How to deal with a {zodiac sign} man? More often the search is for the man, not the woman? WHAT?
  • How to deal with an emotional man? Again, the search for the male version occurs more often than the female version.
  • How to deal with an evil boss? There were 17 different versions of this in my list of 260. Wow!
  • How to deal with an evil mother-in-law? Are we surprised?
  • How to deal with a girlfriend? I feel for you man.
  • How to deal with a used car salesman? The other professions in the list were teacher and insurance claims adjuster. (WHAT. No lawyer?)
  • How to deal with a verbally abusive father? (or husband or wife) But version with mother was not in the most common list. That should make us feel safe. (YET, toxic mother was on this list)
  • How to deal with a teenager? Good luck with that one!
  • How to deal with a teacher that doesn’t like you? This one surprised me. Is this suggesting that the students want to be on good terms with their teacher?
  • How to deal with a stuck zipper? Frustrating, eh?

In the 260 searches I studied, the following words appeared the most.

  • boss – 17
  • child – 17
  • person – 11
  • man – 10
  • husband – 9
  • friend – 9
  • wife – 7
  • narcissistic – 6

What is your most common “How to deal with …” issue? Leave a comment for Grandpa Richard