Defeat Online Fraud

Grandpa Richard uses the Internet a lot, and he buys things online. Recently I purchased a new lens for my T3i, using eBay to pick up a nice used one. That meant I had to send almost $400 via PayPal and my credit card. That makes me interested in this post’s topic – “Defeat Online Fraud”. None of us want the bad guys to get our money.

If you also want to defeat online fraud you need to start with some good old common sense, and add in some modern protection.

The common sense is mainly in regard to emails that you receive. Do you always believe what they say, and click on the links? That is not common sense.

I recommend the following article. Read it and take careful note of what it recommends, especially the common sense stuff. I have also included, in the 2nd article, an example of a “phishing” scam.

9 ways to protect yourself from computer fraud
Increasingly, however, identity thieves are going online, sending out “phishing” scams, Trojan viruses or other high-tech means to retrieve information you type on a public computer’s keyboard. Email from your bank: If you receive an email from your …

Wading deeper into vacation rental phishing scams
By Special to the Washington Post The rental villa on the French Riviera that Sonia Guillaume found online looked picture-perfect. It featured an impeccably manicured garden, spacious living areas, a pool and stunning views of the medieval village of …


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