Disrespectful Car Drivers and a PITA Award

Some car drivers are going to start considering giving me a PITA Award. Here is the latest example.

I was walking to my favourite discount grocery store (just over 2 km away) when I came up to a light controlled intersection. My walk signal turned green (well, actually it was white, but green sounds so much more universal for “GO”) and as I crossed the intersection I came upon a car blocking the entire pedestrian crosswalk.

There was plenty of room for them to backup, so I stopped and used polite hand gestures to suggest that they do so. Their look back was one of “I’m stuck here” so I repeated my gestures that indicated they had PLENTY of room behind. They finally gave in and backed up, leaving at least part of the crosswalk open to the dozens of pedestrians.

When we got to the far side, one other pedestrian congratulated me for taking a stand and not backing down.

p.s. In case you do not know, PITA stands for “Pain In The …”


  1. Jimbo says:

    My brother has become somewhat more aggressive in the past years. I need to watch out as I think my brother is slowly becoming more like me every day. Once you fill in the “A” word you will be on the edge of joining the “PITBULL” Clan!

    Keep up the good work Richard and DTNS – “Don’t Take No ….” I will let you fill in the blank.


  2. Jessica says:

    Actually I realized that I’m becoming more of a DTNS over the years… I think with age comes more confidence and courage. I’ve been picked on a lot when i was young cause I was “too nice” and quite frankly, too scared to fight for myself.

  3. V.S. says:

    I assume your hand gestures didn’t include the middle finger…haha.

    Actually, using the DTNS attitude could of given you a BITA….Bullet In The @$$, that would really give you a PITA.

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