Do Honour Killings Occur in Canada?

Some would say no, they are just examples of domestic violence. In this article on the Globe and Mail’s site, it is reported that a judge in Ottawa disagreed with that point of view. She sentenced a father to one year in jail for threatening his daughter with violence. She also identified his deed for what it was: a crime of honour, committed in the name of a “seriously dangerous belief system.”

I can understand how a father can feel. I have raised 2 daughters and their life choices did not always sit well with me. However, pure violence cannot be the final act in the attempts to get them to conform to what we truly believe is best for them.

If we put them in an environment wherein they are tempted to choose a path we do not want them to, are we not partly responsible for the outcome?

This short piece could lead to many discussions. One that comes to mind immediately is a discussion about groups that move to isolated regions in order to remove all outside influences on their children.

Another time.

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