Do Not Always Trust Your GPS

Another sad story of someone being led astray by their GPS.

A couple on vacation in Nevada became lost when they followed their GPS unit down a side road off the highway. Their vehicle became stuck in an area that had no cell phone connectivity. After 3 days, the husband set out on foot with the cell phone and GPS unit to get help. Incredibly, the woman was found alive 7 weeks later. Her husband is still missing.

If your GPS unit suggests you turn down a road that seems to be leading to a wilderness area, doubt its accuracy. Make sure you have an up to date paper map as well.

I always look up my destination using Google maps, and make a quick sketch of major roads. I personally do not have a GPS and have no plans to buy one. I depend on Google most of the time, and some common sense.

Be willing to challenge your GPS. Be willing to get confirmation from a human source near the scene of the “dispute”.

Read more on the 7 week survival of the woman at The Star.

General Location of Beatty, Nevada, USA
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nevada Tumbleweed

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  1. Steph says:

    That is sad. I had heard about this woman but did not know about the husband. I feel so bad for her and their family.

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