Do You Buy Healthy Food?

Regular readers will know that I am both a healthy eater and that I claim to be able to shop for food in a VERY economical way. One part of the process is to buy items on sale.

I received a sale flyer from one of my favourite grocery stores and wanted to comment on it, from a standpoint of all the junk they promote.

Page 1 – pizza, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, orange juice, oranges, grapefruit, pork chops, white bread, milk, butter

Not too bad. I know that pizza will claim to have contributions to various food groups, but I am not convinced. The 2 cereals claim to have whole grain, and while that may be true, what about all the other stuff in them, especially the Lucky Charms. Orange juice is good, but as Tony Robbins once said (and maybe he was repeating someone else) don’t drink your fruit, eat it. The photo in the ad shows a container of juice with “no pulp”. Bad! What about the white bread? Oh, sorry, it’s been enriched. Ya, right!

The rest of the flyer is similar, with lots of snack foods and pop prominently displayed. The back page is good, as it has 14 items, 9 of which are raw fruit and vegetables of various types, 2 are processed raw foods still close to original state, and 3 are created items from the bakery section.

Now that I have analyzed this flyer, it is actually better than many, in terms of how many reasonably healthy items are offered, versus healthy wannabes and pure junk.