Do You Use a GPS When Driving?

Do you use a GPS when driving? If so, do not do what this man did.

After driving off a ferry in Alaska, an unnamed man drove his car down a boat launch and ended up in water deep enough to submerge the car. With the help of a man who witnessed the incident, the driver was rescued, and a towing company managed to retrieve the car.

It seems that his GPS told him to do it.

It was early enough to be a bit dark out and it was lightly raining at the time, but visibility was good.

A GPS is a handy little piece of technology, but use some common sense when using one. It is not infallible.

Several other Grandpa Richard GPS stories are at the end of the following links – a good one, and a bad one.

GPS fails; man follows directions straight into Alaska harbor
A man intently following the instructions of his GPS after leaving a ferry early Thursday made a sharp right turn and drove into the harbor in Whittier, Alaska, submerging his car up to the antenna, police said. The man, who was not seriously injured …

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