Don’t eat and drive

It is already a big no-no to drink and drive. (and by drink I mean something stronger than pop)

According to the insurance industry, the principal actions that cause distracted driving and lead to vehicle crashes are:

* Cell phone use
* Reaching for a moving object inside the vehicle
* Looking at an object or event outside of the vehicle
* Reading
* Applying makeup

Now, a report out of claims that eating and driving leads to more accidents.

To quote, “Insurance companies don’t track specific information on eating and driving, because it’s too difficult to break it down. But every company knows it’s a problem. The difficulty in pinning down the exact cause of accidents lies in separating distractions such as cell phone use, talking to passengers, reading the newspaper, and eating, all of which drivers engage in while also trying to operate a two-ton piece of machinery.”

The top 10 food offenders in a car are: Coffee, Hot soup, Tacos, Chili dogs, Hamburgers, Barbecued food, Fried chicken, Jelly or cream-filled donuts, Soft drinks, and Chocolate.

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