Don’t Feed the Dolphins

Very interesting article about the decline of the American (as in United States of America) nation.

To quote said article …

“The American” is officially on the list of endangered species today, and unless we do something to save this vital species quickly, freedom will exist nowhere on earth. Doubt this statement for even a second, at your own peril!

After 232 years of unparalleled freedom, liberty and prosperity, the United States of America is on the brink of collapse. Yes, in part due to evil political forces who long ago sold their souls for an ounce of wealth and power, pushing the nation into a corner to further their quest for even more power—but to a larger degree, due to the decline of the American spirit from sea to shining sea.

The author goes on to give us a hint as to more details of why this is happening.

The land of the free and home of the brave is now controlled by the entitlement generation.

When he says that, he has this grandfather’s attention.

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