Electric Cars

As someone who is at least somewhat an environmentalist, I like the idea of an electric car. Especially if we can power it primarily with a greener form of electricity. It has a major disadvantage in that its operating range is low, but for commuting it would work for me.

In an article about a special promotion, The Star gave me some facts that I did not know.

If we take the new all-electric, two-seat Mercedes-Benz “smart fortwo” car, and charge it at night, they figure it will cost about $2 to “fill it up” at off-peak rates. A charge will carry the vehicle 135 kilometres.

Compare that with a hybrid Prius, which uses 3.7 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, or just about 5 litres per 135 kilometres, according to Natural Resources Canada’s website. At $1 a litre (which would be a bargain at the moment) it would cost $5 in fuel for a 135-kilometre trip.

Previously, I had only been interested because of environmental issues, but it is awesome to know that it is also actually cheaper to fuel up.

Unfortunately, when I look at the cost of the ForTwo, I have problems sticking to my environmental ideals!

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  1. atv tires says:

    One minor issue is the distance it can cover – but, when you think it is only used on the farm, it has not been pushed too far over distance.