Email Spam

The Canadian Government is attempting to pass a new law (Bill C-27) in regard to email spam. Industry groups are, of course, trying to water it down. Even to the point of it being close to useless.

For example. The proposed bill has a section about “implied consent”. What this means is that if you purchase an item online, which thus requires your email address, then that company can email you other offers for the following 18 months. By ordering from them, you have given the company implied consent to email you. Industry wants this changed from 18 months to 5 years. Grandpa Richard wants a pure opt-in system. The company, in the email acknowledging the order, would have to ask for my specific consent to add me to a mailing list.

Industry also wants to allow emails to “referrals”. This happens on the net all the time. I am offered a free ebook if I supply 3 friend’s emails. I detest that system, and never supply my friend’s emails. If I really believe in something, then I will email the link to my friend.

For further reading, see this Globe and Mail item.

How is your spam problem? Will this law stop the emails about male enhancement products, or Acai health stuff, or the dozens of other items being hawked by spam merchants?


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