Entitlement : belief that one is deserving of, or entitled to, certain privileges.

As a grandpa I have seen 6 decades of life, and for over 4 of those decades I have read, listened to, and watched the news. Unfortunately, a recurring theme that I have seen is one that I attribute to entitlement.

Many years ago (perhaps 30 or so) I wrote one of my political representatives (who happened to be a man I actually knew) and complained about 2 words in the English language.

What were those words? Rights and Responsibilities.

Rights. So easy. So convenient. Only 1 syllable.

Responsibilities. Hard to spell. Hard to say. Too long at 6 syllables.

It seems that life follows the above facts. We all too frequently demand our rights. It is so easy. We avoid our responsibilities. They are too hard. We want to get, get, get. We do not want to give.

We are saying, “I am entitled”.

I opened my Saturday paper on January 19, 2013. What did I see? I will just mention 3. There were more.

News about the Canadian Native (Aboriginal) situation, regarding finances.
News about the former high spending head of McMaster University’s part time students association.
News about the former high spending head of ORNGE (company that operates our air ambulance service).

Yes. All the above have rights. Treaty rights, employment rights. But they also have responsibilities. And one of those responsibilities is to be honest and fair with the financial matters that they watch over. In my opinion, none of them did a good job of that responsibility. But, what’s the big deal. They are entitled to run things the way they see fit.

Well, there’s the problem. Entitlement.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Have the people in charge at all levels subscribed to entitlement? I think they have, to some degree.

Have heads of corporations also done so? Yes. I believe many have. Look at the lack of remorse in the U.S. after the 2008 financial meltdown.

Have politicians? Ha. Let’s not go there.

When the 6 syllable word starts to triumph over the little wee 1 syllable word, entitlement will start to take a back seat, and proper stewardship will begin. Leaders at all levels will start to lead, not control.

And when that happens, the western world will start to shine again, and a better world will be created.

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