Fright Night

It is Halloween in 2 days, and I read a post on another site that inspired this post.

This was inspired by prompt #3 in this post over at Mama Kat’s. Go check it out!! (I found Mama Kat’s via my daughter’s post)

I think I was still pre-school age. I had seen some scary movies and one night woke up in the middle of a nightmare, sweating. I tried to call out for my mom and I literally could not talk, or scream. Nothing would come out, I was so scared.

scary monsterThen I realized there was a horrible monster under my bed. And he was going to come out and grab me and drag me under the bed. The thought was SO real and I was shaking.

I just knew that if I swung my legs out over the edge of the bed I was a goner. But how was I supposed to get into the safe arms of my mom if I could not cry out, and I could not get off the bed?

Finally, I came up with a plan. I stood up on my bed and took a running leap off the edge, landing as far away from the bed as possible. I then ran into my mom’s room and jumped up on her bed.

Safe, and sound!

One Comment

  1. Stephanie says:

    Awww! Poor little guy 🙂 I love that you thought to jump off the bed. Wonder if the bang of jumping off the bed scared Grandma and Grandpa!