Geographically Challenged

I commute via bus. Specifically, I use a GO bus. The GO system has buses on a number of high traffic routes in our area. It also has a few train routes. GO helps keep 10’s of thousands of cars off our already crowded highways in the Greater Toronto Area.

Today, on the way home, I listened as a passenger waiting at a stop asked if our bus was going to York University. In fact, our bus was going in the opposite direction, and had very visible signage saying that we were going to Hamilton. I am assuming that this passenger could not picture in his mind that York was east of where he was standing, and that Hamilton was west of where he was standing. And, since our bus said it was going to Hamilton …

The drivers must be patient to listen to these people all day long. Our driver calmly told him that, no, we were not going to York U.

The passenger then proceed to his next question. Did the driver know when the York bus was expected? Again, the driver replied “no”.

As we drove away, I mentioned to the driver that a large schedule of York buses was on the inside of the bus shelter, easily visible.

Now, if you really want the low down on geographically challenged people, you need to ask me about people needing to use the subway to get downtown!

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