Gift Wrapping

I am your typical male Canadian, in that Christmas gift buying ranks up there with sticking my tongue on a metal pipe in the winter in Flin Flon Manitoba. It’s not that I do not want to bless people with gifts. It’s just a pain trying to find what’s on the list I was given.

Recently, one of my daughters asked me to do her a favour and pick up a gift for her sister. It was a purse that was on a one day sale at the Bay. I shuddered to think about fighting a crowd of females for the few available purses. After all, purses rank immediately behind shoes in a woman’s mind.

I digress. This is not about buying the gift. This is about something far more sinister. Wrapping the gift.

I suck at wrapping gifts. If fact, it’s even worse than that. Just ask my daughters. They have been the recipients. My son has also been on the receiving end, but he is a guy and does not notice such trivial matters. After all, we are just going to rip it all off anyhow.

I have regularly measured once and cut twice. What? I have the quote backwards! No, you read it correctly. And then I have 2 separate pieces of wrapping paper needed to wrap the one gift.

Then, invariably, I cannot find the regular scotch tape, so I use the big wide stuff normally reserved for taping big moving boxes shut. A last resort is Red Green’s solution – duct tape. My daughters consider that tacky.

Well, I came across a clip about Christmas gift wrapping, from a Jimmy Kimmel show. It was so me!

(warning … lots of beeping, cause Aunt Chippy was getting upset)