Goodbye Dad

All good things come to an end.

My dad passed away 2 weeks ago. He was 84 and had been sick just a short time.

The small memorial service we had for dad was a private affair, with family and just a small number of very close friends. We all agreed that my dad had had a great life, and the jokester in him was active almost to the last day. The nurses at the home all said they would miss his one-liners.

My brother and I have so many great stories that involve dad and we heard some at the memorial that we had never heard. The toast we had for him involved his favourite liquid refreshment, and that was followed by his favourite sweet treats – date squares and butter tarts.

The burial service was even more intimate. My brother and I and our partners, along with Dad’s wife Annette. He had been cremated, and Jim and I literally buried him ourselves. All it took was a hole dug by the staff at the cemetery, and 2 borrowed shovels.

Speaking of wives. Dad had the privilege of celebrating 2 separate silver anniversaries. He was married to mom (June) for about 28 years, and then he and Annette were also married for about that same time.

Good bye Dad. Gone but never forgotten.
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