Government Agencies and Good News?

Well, look at that. The answer is YES sometimes.

About 7 years ago, a woman came to collect a $12.5M prize from Super 7. It was a bit suspicious, though.

  • She waited a long time before collecting.
  • She could not remember where she bought the original ticket.
  • She claimed that she had no relatives working in the industry (investigators found that both her brother and father had been when the ticket won).

So, what did the lottery commission do? Made them wait a year in case someone came along and claimed to have been cheated.

Come on! She lied. The ticket had been purchased in a city that she had not been to. Etc, etc, etc. Yet they gave her the money.

This was one of five cases identified in 2007 by ombudsman Andre Marin who accused the OLG of turning a blind eye to suspicious insider wins.

The police were called and they concluded that there had indeed been fraud. The lady, her brother, and her father will go on trial soon.

In the meantime, who are the real winners?

A novel approach was taken. Give people an opportunity to prove they were the winners. If you can answer enough questions about the winning ticket … presto, instant multi-millionaire. And sure enough, a group of 7 men, one of whom was living in the city where the winning ticket was purchased, came forward and were able to prove enough knowledge of the ticket that the lottery people are awarding them the money.

Who says that Government run places can’t do anything right?

Grandpa Richard

Gimme da MONEY!
Creative Commons License photo credit: SILENTMONOLOGUE