Government workers have it too easy

How’s that for a post title? And in case you do not know it, Grandpa Richard is one of THEM!

I have never actually studied the numbers closely, but when I joined 7 years ago and saw what clerks (old fashioned term, I know) make and what some of them do, wow! Whenever I heard one of them complain, I suggested that they find out what people in the private sector, with the same education as them, made. People in retail for example. In fact, check out what store managers make in a lot of malls. And those managers hire, fire, do inventory, deal with pig-headed customers, etc, etc, etc. All on less than what a typical experienced “clerk” makes in a government job.

Now, Margaret Wente has written an editorial piece, inspired by the current garbage worker’s strike in Toronto. Very interesting numbers.

(note: I, and Margaret, are not saying that all government workers make more $ than their private sector counterparts, but once you roll in the benefits package, we believe that most of them do better)

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