Green Thumbs Need Not Apply

Here is an industry that I am sure has been making good progress. Fake plants.

Now, I am no stranger to this topic, as I had a small fake tree in a small store that I once owned. I wanted some greenery inside the store, the natural light was almost non-existent, so fake fit the bill.

According to recent press, the fake plant industry has moved outside in a big way. Do you think that the neighbour’s bushes and small hedges look too good to be true? They probably are. There are even fake wood chips and rocks.

Think of the pluses. No water, no fertilizers, no arguments over the use of herbacides, no greenhouse gases from small gas engine powered cutters. The downsides? Real greenery helps filter our air and water, and attracts some forms of beneficial wildlife.

How did Joni Mitchell put it? This may not be the same as a parking lot, but it’s close.