Greeting Cards

We all have our vices, our unbreakable habits. One of my ex-wife’s was greeting cards. I could drop her off at the mall to get some clothes or other useful things, then go and do some errands at 15 different places, and when I got back she would not be at the appointed place.

Then I would sigh and head straight for the card shop.

Me? If need be I would go to a card shop (preferably a dollar store) and buy the second card I looked at.

She? Forget it. She had to read the verse on every single new looking card she could find. I think it was the therapy she needed in order to stay married to me.

Sure enough, even before I got to the store, I’d hear her laughter. By the time we left, I’d need both hands to carry the bag of cards she’d picked out.

Now, it wasn’t all bad. There was an up side. If I suddenly needed a card for someone, I just had to go to my beloved’s inventory. There was always a card that fit the bill.икони